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Profiles for nine.

Some of Zipil's and Eugen's info might be wrong. I don't think it is though.

Name: Eugen Ansgar.
Age: 34.
Height: 5"11 1/2.
Weight: 160 LBS.
Hobby: Dancing with young women, teasing Duana and other girls in his group.
Desired opponent: None.
Fav. Food: Shrimp.
Least Fav.: Fried snake.
Saying: "Idiot say what~?"
Heritage: German/American.
Occupation: Captain, Scout - A class.
Date of Birth: June 18th.
Blood type: O-.
Weapon: Swordplay, snake, Magic: Darkness.
Eye co.: Dark, brown.
Hair co.: Brownishred.
Family: A mother.
Favorite Colour: Light, green.
IQ: 3.5.
Strength: 4.
Tease: "Let's dance, baby~ ♥".
Alliance: The Snake Clan. (Seeungeheuer.)
Random Facts:

Name: Zipil.
Age: 25.
Height: 6"1.
Weight:198 LBS.
Hobby: Moving furniture around.
Desired opponent: Duan Dara.
Fav. Food: Raw meat.
Least Fav.: Cooked meat.
Saying: "Die now, Duan Dara."
Heritage: African.
Occupation: Warrior - A class.
Date of Birth: October 12th.
Blood type: A-.
Weapon: Butcher knife.
Eye co.: Orange/yellow.
Hair co.: Red.
Family: A father.
Favorite Colour: Red.
IQ: 3.
Strength: 4.5.
Tease: "Let's put down our arms."
Alliance: The Tiger Clan. (BAgha.)
Random Facts: Has a tattoo on his neck.

Name: Patrick Watanabe.
Age: 54.
Height: 5"10.
Weight:160 LBS.
Hobby: Bossing people around.
Desired opponent: Anyone.
Fav. Food: Raw salmon.
Least Fav.: Fried fish.
Saying: "Stupid..".
Heritage: Japanese.
Occupation: Leader of Seeungeheuer. -A class.
Date of Birth: October 5th.
Blood type: B+.
Weapon: Swordplay, snake.
Eye co.: Orange.
Hair co.: Dark, Grey.
Family: None.
Favorite Colour: Grey, brown.
IQ: 3.5.
Strength: 5.
Tease: Die.
Alliance: The Snake Clan. (Seeungeheuer.)
Random Facts: Had sex with a succubus in his youth.
Also knocked the same succubus up, with his only child.
Is the proud father of Naki Watanabe.

Name: Zero Cipher.
Age: 28.
Height: 6"4.
Weight: 210 LBS.
Hobby: Picking on Angus, cooking.
Desired opponent: Anyone.
Fav. Food: Potato soup.
Least Fav.: Cinnamon.
Saying: "You're done for!".
Heritage: American.
Occupation: Freelance assassin, partnering with Angel.
Date of Birth: June 10th.
Blood type: B-.
Weapon: Swordplay, Magic: White.
Eye co.: Dark, green.
Hair co.: Dirty, blonde.
Family: None.
Favorite Colour: Bright pink.
IQ: 3.5.
Strength: 5.
Tease: I'll bite your head clean off~!♥
Alliance: himself.
Random Facts: Left home at a young age, after his mother committed suicide. Though no one knows this besides Angel, who lived in the same town as he did, and left with him.
Does mostly assassination jobs, after doing a couple of jobs were he was supposed to guard someone, and ended up killing them out of annoyance.
Is told that he "doesn't seem like a bad guy at all".

Name: Angel .
Age: 29.
Height: 5"5.
Weight: 115 LBS.
Hobby: Putting makeup on Angus.
Desired opponent: Anyone Zero wishes it to be.
Fav. Food: Strudel.
Least Fav.: Boiled chicken.
Saying: Do your best, please. ♥
Heritage: American.
Occupation: Freelance assassin, partnering with Zero.
Date of Birth: January 15th.
Blood type: O+.
Weapon: A scythe.
Eye co.: Redishbrown.
Hair co.: Dark, pink.
Family: A mother, father and little brother.
Favorite Colour: Dark blue.
IQ: 2.
Strength: 3.5.
Tease: I'll give you a tight hug!
Alliance: Zero Cipher.
Random Facts: Hasn't been in contact with her family in years.

Name: Angus McKay.
Age: 19.
Height: 5"6.
Weight: 130 LBS.
Hobby: Reading, mostly reading criminal records.
Desired opponent: The "Eliminators".
Fav. Food: Cream of Tartar.
Least Fav.: Anything Zero cooks.
Saying: Defending is a must!
Heritage: Scottish.
Occupation: None, until he starts to work along side Zero and Angel on the Griffin case.
Date of Birth: May 1.
Blood type: A+.
Weapon: Two sickles.
Eye co.: Bluegrey.
Hair co.: Dark, blonde.
Family: None.
Favorite Colour: Tan.
IQ: 3.
Strength: 3.
Tease: L~ove is ideal! ♥
Alliance: Zero Cipher, The "Red Dragons".
Random Facts: Has a tattoo on his right shoulder.

Name: Dagimar Hayes.
Age: 20.
Height: 5"5.
Weight: 144 LBS.
Hobby: Feeding birds.
Desired opponent: The "Eliminators", Zero Cipher.
Fav. Food: Hamburgers.
Least Fav.: Green beans.
Saying: He~llo.
Heritage: American.
Occupation: Guard - D class.
Date of Birth: February 16th.
Blood type: B+.
Weapon: Swordplay, his pet dragon.
Eye co.: Dark, brown.
Hair co.: Light, green.
Family: Sabastian Hayes, father. Kaylee Hayes, mother.
Favorite Colour: Brown.
IQ: 2.
Strength: 2.5.
Tease: We're looking lovely today, aren't we~~? ♥
Alliance: The Dragon Clan. (Draconigena.)
Random Facts: His fathers whereabouts are unknown, and have been for 19 years. The last time he saw his father was when he was barely one year old.

Name: Dougai Gershom.
Age: 24.
Height: 5"9 1/2
Weight: 150 LBS.
Hobby: Drinking, bothering Duana.
Desired opponent: Demos Dierika.
Fav. Food: Most meats.
Least Fav.: Anything with apples in it.
Saying: No time.
Heritage: Jewish.
Occupation: Spy -C class.
Date of Birth: August 12th.
Blood type: B+.
Weapon: Swordplay, his snake.
Eye co.: His right eye is brown his left blue.
Hair co.: Black.
Family: None.
Favorite Colour: Green, dark.
IQ: 3.
Tease: I wont hurt you~ ♥
Alliance: Snake clan (Seeungeheuer)
Random Facts:
Has a crush on Duana.
Respects his boss, though they hardly talk anymore.
Doesn't like the word "love" or "Marriage", so doesn't like hearing about those things.

Name: Death. His real name is Jerome Cleaver.
Age: Unknown. Possible 25-28 years of age.
Height: 5"10.
Weight: 145 LBS.
Hobby: Fishing.
Desired opponent: Ace Moe, Aries M. Rube.
Fav. Food: Raw meat, caramel apples.
Least Fav.: Fried rice.
Saying: "The humans flame has finally ran out..".
Heritage: English.
Occupation: "Death god".
Date of Birth: July 23rd.
Blood type: R-
Weapon: Magic: Dark, talismans.
Eye co.: Black.
Hair co.: Brownblack.
Family: None.
Favorite Colour: Dark brown, and dark blue.
IQ: 4.
Strength: 5.
Tease: Let's ~play~.
Alliance: Death.
Random Facts: Smokes.



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Jun. 24th, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)
Who's Ace Moe?
Welllllll? And.. I didn't know Death was evil. XD; Does that make Aries good...?
(Aries has so many names lol, such a mary-sue ;D)

... And what would Dougai -do- if someone (like say, Duan) spammed "LOVELOVELOVEMARRIAGEMARRIAGELOVE" at him?
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